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The world of Ianar is in unrest. Its protectors and first inhabitants, the azheeks, have been disappearing. Tensions between races and kingdoms are growing, and a cult of corrupt humans has merged from the shadows, fuelled by their hatred towards azheeks.


After running away from her childhood home, Chester, a trained fire azheek with murderous tendencies, finds friends in unlikely places. With a giant beast by her side, she sets off on a journey in search of a new home. What she finds is the opposite.


In a moving world of powers, creatures, and diverse cultures, Chester finds herself in the centre of corruption and what only feels like the beginning of a brewing war.


The Rising is the first book in the Azheek series.

"These pages drip with charisma. From beginning to end Naomi has crafted a thrillride with characters to love and a story representative of the cutting edge of diverse fantasy today. Azheek: The Rising is what so many are looking for in fantasy and Naomi King is bringing it all to the table."

                   -- Daniel Greene, book reviewer and author of Breach of Peace.

"Cinematic fights; big epic set pieces; and lush, vivid world-building. If you want a modern take on the classic 'chosen family of badass misfits go on a heroic quest' narrative that is smart, funny, brutal, and queer as hell, start here."

                   -- Kaja Sadowski, martial arts and self-defence instructor, and author of Fear Is The 

                       Mind Killer.

Azheek is an adult epic fantasy series ripe with suspense, intrigue, hilarity, friendship, love, pain, sex, and graphic violence.

Set in a world called Ianar, azheeks are children of the gods. Blessed with one of four elemental powers, azheeks have abilities of either earth, fire, air, or water. But only the water azheeks retain the Old ways.

Humans are the result of cross-breeding azheeks, for when one mixes powers, their child is born without any.

The Rising takes place when there are more humans than azheeks. Humans who are flawed, destructive, and dangerous. A group of them, known as baraduhr, have been capturing, torturing, and killing azheeks for their powers.

The Azheek series is packed with diverse cultures, ethnicities, and LGBTQ+ representation.

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